Publications: Process Improvement

  • CMMI Model Changes for High Maturity, by Herb Weiner & Pat O'Toole, SEPG Conference, March 18, 2008. This presentation describes proposed changes to the CMMI Maturity Level 4 and 5 Process Areas to clarify some of the misunderstandings regarding high maturity. We recommend modifications to the Specific Practices and Informative Material for Maturity Level 4, and changes to the Specific Goals and Informative Material for Maturity Level 5. We present the results of ATLAS surveys, the change requests that have been submitted, as well as the rationale behind the proposed changes.
  • Revitalizing a Stalled Engineering Process Group, by Herb Weiner & Mark Frazer, SEPG Conference, March 9, 2006. Describes how we revitalized an ineffective Engineering Process Group to make our meetings more effective, and begin to improve the process in the Engineering organization.
  • Effective Meeting Procedure, by Herb Weiner, September 16, 2005. Describes a procedure that can be used to help facilitate effective meetings.