SlideMight Example: Amateur Radio General License Exam

Input Files

The input for SlideMight consists of two YAML files and one PowerPoint pattern file. YAML is a human-readable language commonly used for configuration files. For more information, refer to this Wikipedia article.

Note that the questions are broken down into ten subelements, each of which is broken down into multiple groups. In addition to the question slides, the PowerPoint pattern generates a separate title slide for each subelement and for each group. It would be easy to change the PowerPoint pattern to work with data that is not divided into subelements and groups, or to not generate separate title slides.

  • License_config.yaml: YAML text file defining the structure of the data.
  • General_data.yaml: YAML text file containing the question pool for the General Class License Exam.
  • License_pattern.pptx: PowerPoint Pattern File defining the appearance of the presentation. This pattern consists of only nine slides: a main title slide, three format slides, a slide defining the format of the list of subelements with hyperlinks, a slide defining the format of the list of groups with hyperlinks, a slide defining the format of the group titles with hyperlinks to each question, a slide defining the format of each question, and an end slide. Note that it would be relatively easy to edit this pattern to use a different theme, which could then be used with SlideMight to generate a presentation based upon this new theme.
  • Figures used in the presentations.

Result Files

Next Steps

Refer to Next Steps for SlideMight files for the Technician and Amateur Extra License Exams, and for information on customizing the SlideMight files.